Chopped Liver – Don’t Look Back In Hunger

Busy old day today.

Took Weedy to school in the morning – he was very excited – his wobbly tooth came out in his sleep – I woke him to rescue it from the tip of his tongue and made an urgent call to the tooth fairy – who duly arrived – and charged exorbitantly inflated prices since I was a lad – lots of family nachas ensued in the morning – further evidence that our baby is not a baby no more.

He clearly had more success with tooth extractions than his father!

Back to the “office” for some admin and final preparations for major event in Mill Hill with 40 or so local businesses and the Mayor of Barnet (his worthiness yada yada).

But first is the small matter of my reschduled (due to my dad’s passing) ultrasound scan to see if my thrombosis in my portal vein into my liver has moved or not – it would be good if it’s not. MRI will follow in a few weeks.

So I write this sitting on the tube – absolutlely hank marvin having not eaten since first thing – and I am now weak with hunger. I a
going to my appointment two hours early so they can maybe see me early so I can then stuff my face and continue preparing for this evening.

Kings Cross approacheth. Rod and The Faceth on iPod shuffle and I am hoping this thing will save and post once I get to ground level.

Onwards and upwards.

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