Chopped Liver – Free Nelson Mandela

I remember when that classic Specials anthem was released – what a fantastic record. There are some records that just capture the moment so well you just have to stand up and applaud. I think it was similar with Feed The World – alright it was a bit cheesy – but as a piece of music set to thought-provoking lyrics it was perfect then- and is still perfect today.

As is, dare I say it, for a Scot, was Three Lions. A perfect piece of music to capture Football Coming Home – the most lasting image of that whole summer (apart from Gazza lifting the ball a mile over Colin Hendry’s head) was Baddiel and Skinner joining in a chorus on the terraces of that familiar refrain they had written – what a feeling that must have been for them – Triple Nachas!!!

But our thoughts are with Nelson Mandela today. He shoulda been enjoying one of the proudest moments of his life – as I write this, RSA have just scored the opening goal of the first ever African World Cup – but poor Nelson cannot be there due to an utterly tragic event in his family – as if he hasn’t gone through enough pain in his life – we should all, as a unified world, have been standing up, applauding and rejoicing this great man today.

But it just goes to show, that with freedom comes uncertainty – the uncertainty of life. And so my message is clear – enjoy each day. Each day, as I await the call for my liver transplant, I will try and live my life to its fullest.

Enjoy my family. Enjoy my work. Enjoy my play.

And for the next 4 weeks or so – enjoy The World Cup!

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