Chopped Liver – Can The Can-ula

I’m seeing about 4 different hospital departments at the moment – liver, gastrointestinal at one hospital, blood and maxillo-facial (teeth, in my case) at another.

I had scheduled appointments at each over the past few weeks – ALL of which have been postponed and rescheduled to new dates.

And here is how it is panning out now:-

1st July – Blood Test
4th July – MRI on Liver – with canula in my arm (see my early posts for a description of my deep love for canulas)
5th July a.m. – Blood platelet transfusion (same arm as 4th July) prior to teeth extraction
5th July p.m. – Teeth (x2) extraction
6th July – Gastro appointment – with blood test (same arm)
7th July – Liver appt. – with blood test (same arm)

This is not going to happen.

I think I will keep my dodgy teeth.

I think I will keep my dodgy liver.

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3 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Can The Can-ula”

  1. Andrea RAppoport Says:

    Big Sigh. Some many hassles and complications. How do you keep your spirits up.
    Take care,

  2. Stan Hill Says:

    Hi David
    Just found your blog and have been reading with intrest.Each page I read brings back the thought of each needle, each canula, and every blood sample
    I had my liver transplant December 2008 so I have been there read the book and very soon will have the T Shirt
    Best Regards from an Ex yellow friend


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