Chopped Liver – Master Plaster

Following yesterday’s post where I listed the activities that will make up my week of hell I was confident I could postpone, reschedule, put off some of the stuff and give myself a bit of a break – but no!

The dental people say I shouldn’t put off the extraction as I should have no areas exposed to infection following a transplant so tooth extraction should go ahead, which means the platelet transfusion must go ahead, which means the blood test must go ahead – and there’s no way I can cancel the MRI!

So it’s needle city. Canula country.

Not happy.

Rather have a liver transplant.

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3 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Master Plaster”

  1. Sawbofeller Says:

    Netherlands 3:0 Japan
    Ghana 2:1 Australia
    Cameroon 1:1 Denmark

    Looks like proud Edward’s army are going to be sent homeward to think again. Useless twats. I’m coming out of retirement ‘cos if Heskey can play for England, so can I.

    Try asking for a different size canula, that worked for me. I ended up with pink (oo-er missus !)ones.

  2. davidkallin Says:


    Slo 1 Par 2
    Ita 4 NZ 0
    Bra 1 Ivo 0

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