Chopped Liver – Just Waiting

I still come across who have not declared officially what they would like to have done with their organs after they have died. There are many possible reasons for this:- Forgot. Lazy. Unsure (whether to). Unsure (how to).

I recently met someone who, when they saw me, said – “Oh, glad I saw you – I’ve been meaning to…” And she picked up the form she had and filled it in for herself and kids.

The bottom line, as I see it, is simply that you cant really take your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys etc with you when you die – well, you can – but they wont be that much use to you. But they could be a lot of use to someone else – someone who may die waiting for organ that you didn’t get round to donating.

So, here’s how you do it – it could be much simpler.

If you want to register to donate your organs after you’ve gone – CLICK HERE

If you want to give a donation to my JustGiving charity page in the British Liver Trust – CLICK HERE

If you want to play the Liver Let Live Game – CLICK HERE

Or if you’re unsure and simply want to grow your business through thebestof Barnet – then CLICK HERE – and that, my friends, is what I call a cheap shot!

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