Chopped Liver – Pick Up The Pieces

That was a long day.

The best part of 24 hours I should say.

Nigel Botterill, the founder, owner etc of thebestof – of which I run thebestofBarnet and thebestofEdgware – presented the 18 secrets that super-successful businesses do – that others don’t. He did it at break-neck pace to over a hundred local business people who were pretty much spell-bound for two and a half hours.

It was awesome.

But it was an eye-opener too – for me that is. Not the content so much as the undertone. Y’see I have dropped the ball lately on my business – gone a bit stale, maybe wallowing in my self pity, maybe that’s just a lame excuse. Either way it’s just not good enough. I have to get back my momentum. I have to put some food on the table. It was brought home to me loud and clear this evening – and I am not going to wait for the liver transplant – I am going for it right now.

If you want to register to donate your organs after you’ve gone – CLICK HERE

If you want to give a donation to my JustGiving charity page in the British Liver Trust – CLICK HERE

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