Chopped Liver – I Love To Buggy

Had a nice day today – felt good, had a laugh, and, of course, watched footy – what more could a man ask.

One story was particularly memorable. In Judaism, you cannot drive or carry things on the Sabbath (except under certain – mischievous circumstances that I won’t go into here).

So, at a local synagogue meeting some time ago, the Rabbi addressed members of his congregation and restated his insistence on the observance of this law and stating that if you start your journey before the Sabbath then, even though it may end after the Sabbath has started, you can still carry – however, if, in the case of, say bringing a child’s buggy to the synagogue you arrive with it – you cannot leave with the buggy – as that would mean starting a new journey carrying an item home.

The Rabbi then asked several members of the congregation if they understood this – and when he addressed my friend, my friend said – “ah, but this does not apply to me”. “Why not?” asked the Rabbi. My friend replied “because I’ll just put the buggy in the car!”

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