Chopped Liver – Mamma Mia Culpa

I haven’t mentioned the footy for a while – for those that are interested, there is so much debate going on about technology in football – many valid reasons for and against – where do I stand?

I’m not sure.

But I would like to make the following points that I haven’t heard being raised – all the other points are now firmly in the public domain and technology for goalline calls will undoubtedly come in before the Euros – that is a given.

But does it take too much time to stop the game and check a replay every so often for other major decisions like offside? Well, my view on this is – we crave great skill. Why do players like Walcott, Lennon and Wright-Phillips consistently fail on the big stage? It’s because one or two strong runs down the wing and they are knackered – they simply do not have the stamina to keep it going – so they try to conserve energy and subsequently lose momentum and become insignificant to the action.

Stopping the game every so often to check out dubious issues will give the flair players a chance to recharge the batteries.

That’s point 1.

My second issue concerns the blame attached to the officials at the England Germany game and, to a similar extent the Argentina Mexico game. And subsequent apology by Sepp Blatter. My point is – Who is to blame really? Were the officials in the wrong position? No.

Given that, were they realistically able, from that position to tell whether the ball was over the line or not? No, they were not. They were on a hiding to nothing. They have been hung out to dry. It would have happened to any official – every time.

So what should Sepp Blatter have been apologising for? He should have been apologising for his own decision, repeatedly, over years and years to refuse to help officials by introducing – trialling even – technology.

And do the fans really, genuinely, enjoy debating over bad decisions? No they do not! They want to see good football, with the correct decisions and the best team on the day winning the match.

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