Chopped Liver – Honoloochie Bhaji

I do love Indian food.

Yes of course, that includes the variety of Anglo-Indian dishes served up in any of the thousands of Indian restaurants (formerly known as Curry Houses) around the UK, but especially I mean the homemade delicate vegetarian nibbly type dishes that it seems every woman brought up in an Indian household (except B, of course) specialise in.

yogichi bahjias - so called 'cos they were designed by Mr. Yogi

Trouble is, lately I have had a bad reaction to curry, so I have had to lay off – not completely y’see ‘cos sometimes I simply can’t resist … and then I regret it.

So today, I was at a school fair in the shadows of the immense Neasden Temple, and I was invited by the most connected man in North-West London to sample a dish called something like Yogichi Bhajias – so named as it was designed by his brother Yogi. They were like thick potato crisps mixed with glorious spices and topped with a stunning chutney – and no garlic! They don’t eat garlic – which is a bit of a bonus for those standing close to anyone who partakes!

Now I await to see if I get a reaction – but, in this case, it’ll be worth it.

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