Chopped Liver – Tunnel of …Liver

Rubbish week ahead.

If you’re interested, here’s how it is scheduled to pan out.

Tomorrow (Monday) – MRI on Liver and Spleen. I don’t particularly care for MRI’s. Two reasons really. One, the dreaded canula that they have to squirt the dye through. I’ve said it once. I’ve said it a few times. I’ll say it again. I don’t like canulas. I fear them and dread them – I’m fearing tomorrow’s already. The other reason is more trivial (most things are) – it’s a kind of psychological thing.

This is how the MRI works. The room is cold – shivvery cold – and you are not wearing much. You lie on this bed – and it gets pushed into this tunnel thing and they start the procedure. You are told not to move at all and to breathe regularly.

Every few seconds there is a loud buzzing sound that you soon realise is controlled by your breathing – every breath you take (damn, waste of a good song title) the buzzer sounds as you exhale. But you tell yourself you have to breathe regularly so you try and not anticipate the buzzer. But then the buzzer sounds and you think – rats, that was too quick – I must have breathed out too soon, must slow down – BUZZER – damn it went again – my breathing must have sped up – and then you start to panic and you try to relax – BUZZER – oh no there it goes again – so you take a slow, deep breath to try and calm down – BUZZER – oh SHUT UP WILL YOU!!! And so it goes, your continual battle with the buzzer. And then they pump the dye in – and when once you were shivvery cold, now you feel this warm glow slowly travelling through your veins as the dye meanders along inside your body – and it – look, it’s really not so bad – it’s just a bit, I dunno, a bit creepy, a bit surreal.

And finally, after about 20 minutes it’s all over, they say, ok thanks, we’ll check over the images and see if they’re ok. Meaning… you may have to do it all over again!

That’s tomorrow. I have to ask them to bandage up my canula in readiness for the next day – or else they’re gonna have to remove the canula and insert another one the next day. dum di dum.

Tuesday – 2 units of blood platelet transfusion at Barnet Gen prior to 2 teeth extractions. My teeth have not really been bothering me lately. But, since childhood, I’ve had this one tooth growing inwards and another one behind that was fighting for its place – and now every so often I get a flare-up of serious pain and infection. But, faced with all that I have going right now I asked Smiler if I needed to do this – he said yes… and smiled.

Wednesday is my routine appointment with the Gastro unit at the Royal Free. I say routine as this is how it normally goes. Hi David , How are you?

Fine thanks.

Ok, see you in 6 months.

But, I’m afraid this time will be different. Beacuse I am not fine. I haven’t really mentioned this before – either because this is a liver blog and Crohns is in my Gastro blog – Chopped Intestines – or my typical shy Britishness has prevented me from talking about my bowel habits – and hey, I’m not ready to start down that road just yet – but let’s just say, I have had great difficulty keeping any food in me for any length of time – and it is now affecting my ability to function normally (for normally, read “normally for me”).

So, what do I expect to happen? I expect them to schedule me a colonoscopy, that’s what. And how will that affect my Liver Transplant timetable? Well, I am no doctor, but if anything is shown up from a colonoscopy, then it could possibly be Crohns-related and therefore I cant imagine they would entertain a liver transplant and an operation for… look I am getting ahead of myself – let’s just leave it at – I am no doctor, so we’ll see what Wednesday brings – after all Tuesday comes before Wednesday, and indeed Monday before Tuesday.

Hey, my mouth might be so fucked up on Wednesday morning, I might not be able to tell them anything!

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Tunnel of …Liver”

  1. Andrea Rappoport Says:

    What a week. I too have had MRI scan and I do find it intimidating and then I worry about what they will find.
    I am not comparing because I am not in your league!
    But I have gone through childbirth, twice, and lived to tell the tale.
    Wish you well and hope there is some good news on the horizon.
    Take care

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