Chopped Liver – Do It Again

Aw, they’re soooo nice – the hospital, that is – they know just how much I like needles they thought I wasn’t having enough this week. And so it was, after my morning MRI, which went ok – except they wouldn’t leave my doddang canula in place for tomorrow’s fun and games. In fairness, they had good reason (3 of them in fact). Anyway I am grateful to Smiler for providing me with the three days of relief his false hope gave me.

What was I saying? Oh yes, and so it was after my MRI, I was down in Euston working hard – when I get a phone call from the nurse at Max Fax dept (teeth to you) telling me make haste to Barnet Gen as they forgot to complete the blood test they did the previous week, and if I don’t return immediately for another blood test then they will not do the teeth job tomorrow.

I was faced with little choice. Either make haste to Barnet Gen or do without my platelet transfusion and subsequent teeth extraction. EASY CHOICE. They can keep their platelets and I’ll keep my teeth. Job’s a goodun.

Alright, I made haste to Barnet Gen and, in truth, the Max Fax nurse was nice as pie – it wasn’t her fault, the cock-up, but she felt for me and appreciated the effort I put in to get there on time and she came down from her department specifically to tell me so.

Who knows now where they’re gonna stick the canula tomorrow? Unless I tell them where to stick it!

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