Chopped Liver – Time Passes Slowly

Time passes slowly, says Bob, but it passes nonetheless.

Where I have spent the past few weeks stressing out over the proposed activities of this week – they are now, I am pleased to announce, confined to the ANALs of history.

Well, that’s HIStory, and this is mine.

I have completed all the tasks – MRI, recall for further blood test, Platelet transfusion, teeth extraction and Gastro appointment – manifold needles – but all now in the past.

And how am I? I’m good. My teeth… my gap still bleeds from time to time – but I guess that would be the case as I have low platelets (clotting) and the effects of the transfusion have probably worn off – or rather i would have destroyed the buggers by now.

Not to worry – regular swirling of salted water will speed up the healing process. You shoulda seen the state of the teeth that came out – wowee zowee – totally infected and all invisible when they were in situ due to the fact that they were resting on each other – and swapping infections like panini stickers.

I still managed to work Monday and Wednesday afternoon – and I have to say the effects of it all is made me totally knackered now – still, nothing a World Cup Semi can’t sort – let’s hope it goes to pens and the Germans lose.

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Time Passes Slowly”

  1. aviva Says:

    you poor bugger. So glad its behind you. Im sure youll feel better in no time with B’s lovely homemade from scratch pottage.

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