Chopped Liver – Greetings From Asbury Par…tick

On a lighter note, I am reminded of a bizarre finding when I recently visited my mother for my father’s funeral… hmmm… so much for lighter notes – but stick with it.

My mum makes notes. She makes notes on bits of paper. That’s fine – no problem there. But when I was there I found that what she was using to makes her notes on was my music filing system of cards I had written and last seen 35 years ago! So on one side of the card was a neat list of records like, Can – Ege Bamyasi, Captain Beefheart (and The Magic Band, of course) – Lick My Decals Off Baby, King Crimson – In The Court of the Crimson King etc.


Flick it over and you’ll find a list that reads “Buy Milk (semi-skimmed), Collect prescription from chemist across the road, Leave key with Gertie”.

A little peak into the window of my childhood and my mum’s current priorities. Priceless!

But this filing system of cards brought me back to a time when I used to have a reel-to-reel tape recorder. I would record my records onto these tapes (or, more likely, steal them from my brother) and play record after record after record without needing to change the side or whatever it was we did in those days.

And my dad had an old printing press. It had stayed in the attic for years. It was one of those where you’d have a steel block and all the letters in either block or italic and you construct a template then print onto card or whatever. So i dug out the press, contacted my local newsagent and asked him if he would like me to produce some bespoke greetings cards for him.

He agreed, and business started. I would get paid something like £1 a gross (that’s 144, you youngsters) to print say, “Congratulations on your Divorce” or whatever.

And so it was I churned these cards out. One time I got a commission to run 12 gross of “Greetings From Partick”. Why? Who knows. Partick is a totally non-descript part of Glasgow – certainly not somehwere I would ever imagine announcing to anyone that I was actually there.

Anyway, I set out the template, printed them all off over the course of a few days, left them out on the landing to dry and called the newsagent to the house to collect. He came up the stairs, took one look at my handywork and asked…. “Who’s Patrick?”

Oh dear. Needless to say, I didn’t get paid for that job. And whenever I met anyone called Patrick I tried to convince him that I may just have something he couldn’t possibly do without!

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Greetings From Asbury Par…tick”

  1. Ken Muir Says:

    Quality. Shame you didn’t know Jenny in those days – could have saved you a fortune!

  2. davidkallin Says:

    You mean B, of course.

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