Chopped Liver – Say Hello (or) Wave Goodbye

This is a simple lesson.

Sorry, not lesson. Didn’t mean to patronise.

And anyway, it’s just a simple observation – one that any self-respecting business person should/would/WILL BE addressing already.

But I found out the hard way – or perhaps the easy way. By screwing up myself.

This is the idea – please don’t read this if you are hanging off a perch half way up a high-rise building – you will doubtless fall off… this is it – You stand a significantly better chance of maintaining your existing clients if you regularly communicate with them, than if you just ignore them.


For some time now – I feel so ashamed and embarrassed by this that I need to justify by (in)action – due to my impending liver transplant and accompanying poor health – I have ignored many of my clients.

Hmm… liver condition or not, this inexplicable or simply lazy course of action taken by myself, may have occurred regardless – who knows? If you’re looking for an excuse, or someone or something to blame, you will find it!

Anyway I am currently going through a process of contacting my existing clients – for a number of reasons, namely to re-open my channels of communication, to request other businesses to recommend to me, to renegotiate contracts and generally just to say “Hi” and to apologise for being, eh, how shall we say, somewhat aloof?

And so it transpired that of the clients contacted today, all the ones with whom I have kept open a dialogue with were very responsive and keen to see me. All others felt neglected and couldn’t make time for me.

A salutory tale – and one I will doubtless learn from – and one that I am keen to pass on to you guys. Not, y’understand to share some incredible, illuminatory fact, but simply to reinstate, should you drop this particular ball, that you should hold on tightly to it at all times and never let go!

Simply Say Hello to your clients regularly or Wave them Goodbye.

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