Chopped Liver – That’s Alright, Mama

Tomorrow is a significant day.

I’ll be honest. My mum and I are pretty darn good at… setting each other off.

However, in the past she always had an ally – in my dad.

But that has all changed now – and tomorrow, my mum is coming to stay with us for the first time since my dad passed away.

This will be the first time in here all but 80 years that she will have travelled to London on her own. Her own eyes. Her own mind. Her own decisions. In the past, she relied exclusively – and I use that word advisedly – on my dad’s eyes, mind and decision-making.

But tomorrow and for the next few days I have to try and be on my best behaviour. It’s not as easy as you might think. It is doubtless easier said than done.

But she is almost 80, neurotic to the core and has just lost her husband of 57 years. So I must be on my best behaviour.

Weedy? You have a role to play! You’re 6 years old on Saturday – you’re old enough to be responsible. Earn your keep!

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – That’s Alright, Mama”

  1. Ken Muir Says:

    Like I say to my twins, it’s time to be a good boy!

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