Chopped Liver – Happy Birthday

Could be Stevie Wonder I s’pose – but I had Altered Images in mind – curious to know if Clare Grogan’s voice had dropped yet. I could’ve chosen the Stones songt Jigsaw Puzzle from the beautiful album Beggars Banquet – now there’s a closet classic!

We had 18 round for tea.

With Singarras. And Jalebi. And Galab Jaman.

It was lovely. The wee boy had a great time. Lots of cool presents.

One of them was a 1000 piece London skyline jigsaw – I started it off with him in the morning – did the corners and the edges – as you do – and then as the guests arrived for tea – some of the party took over and got so engrossed with it they were still at it till 9:30 at night when the boy had to go to bed (no, really!) – there’s still about a hundred pieces left to do – up to me in the morning to finish off, I guess.

Oh it was a lovely day. I do love my wee boy. you shoulda seen his beaming smile when the cake came out, with the candles an’ all. OK, that’s it – I’ll shut up now. Everbody loves their 6 year olds. I’m no different – just a proud dad on a proud day.

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