Chopped Liver – 99 Red Ballo…tches

And still the waiting goes on.

And the longer it goes on – the less I want it to happen.

Especially as I feel fine. Which is good, don’t get me wrong – it’s good. Very Good.

But it does make me think – if I feel this good – why do I need such a major operation? I have been through all of the emotions of the Change Management curve – Shock, Denial, Acceptance, Whatever. And now I’m back to Denial again. (Cue joke about a river in Egypt).

Sometimes, though, I go through a mini-crisis. Like, if I am given a temporary drug to bridge some issue or other – you know a painkiller following dental treatment – that kind of thing. And it brings me out in some sort of reaction – y’know – blotchy skin or whatever. And then I stop the drug, and blotchy skin clears up. Pimples.

And now my feet and legs are covered in red blotches. The only difference being – I’m not taking any new drugs. Hmmm… so why’s it happening? What does it mean? Is it a problem? Is everything a problem?

But I know what it is. The liver is a vital part of the body – it cleanses the system. It removes toxins from the body. If it ain’t workin’ proper like, then I guess the toxins will remain – and they’ll be like… pushed out by the body’s natural defences in whichever and wherever way it can – like the body’s extremities – the feet and legs fr’instance.

And there is a known and common link between liver disease and dodgy skin.

And oh, I’ve got a furry tongue. Like what you get with flu. If my theory is correct, then that could be another way the body has of pushing out the toxins that the liver should’ve done.

So, my final prognosis is, I feel fine – but I guess I’m not. I don’t want this goddam operation – but I guess I need it. I certainly don’t want it right now – I better pack my bags!

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