Chopped Liver – Mere Pseud Mag Ed

It really is a song title. Honest. It’s from the classic Fall album Hex Enduction Hour from about 30 years ago. The Fall specialise in strange song titles – some you can work out, some you cant, and most you don’t really care. But the songs themselves are generally brilliant.

A good hour - 60 mins well spent!

The maverick Mark E. Smith – last time I saw him live – I say “live” – he looked more dead than alive – he also looked like he had an enlarged liver – that would not be surprising given how much alcohol he has consumed. He looks like a total alcoholic layabout you’d pass by in a gutter without a moment’s thought – yet he made some of the greatest music I have ever heard – and the other curious thing – he has been married twice to beautiful women – both of whom play/played in his band.

I don’t know why I am telling you all this – it’s not really relevant to anything going on in my life right now – but if I ever need to come up with another obscure song title just for the helluvit – let’s just say I have hundreds to choose from!

Oh – I feel fine by the way. Better than I’ve felt for ages.

But that means bugger all.

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