Chopped Liver – My Iron Lung

People feel more comfortable when they can see you for what you are – or for what they perceive you to be. You can be classified, categorised (I feel a Bob quote coming on). So, perhaps when I meet people now who don’t know my past – I am categorised as that person who is waiting on a liver transplant.

Who knows what else they may be thinking? Oh, he shoulda looked after his liver. What did he do? Couldn’ta happened to me!

But that’s just the way it is. The way we are.

There’s a woman I know – I say “know” – I don’t really know her – never met her. But I feel I know her – although all I really know about her is her health condition – and her phenomenal achievements in the face of adversity.

Here is her Twitter bio –

A happy double-lung transplantee Artist/Organ Donor-Lam Campaigner/Transplant Athlete.LAM disease.Survived 15 lung Collapses+3wk coma

Cheesy Peeps – can you just imagine that???? And then check out her achievements – astonishing. Here’s to you Justine.

This is her web blog – please read it – it’s amazing.

If you want to give a donation to my JustGiving charity page in the British Liver Trust – CLICK HERE

If you want to play the Liver Let Live Game – CLICK HERE

Or if you’re unsure and simply want to grow your business through thebestof Barnet – I will donate your first 2 months fees to my Liver Charity CLICK HERE

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