Chopped Liver – I Want To Make It With You

Weedy’s birthday celebrations continued today with his party for friends. We chose an interesting format this time around – I say “we”, of course I mean “B”. I opt for the happy marriage option of asking no questions and simply doing what I’m told. Sometimes I do get asked for my opinion before B decides to do what she wants, usually B just does what she wants and I am told what to do and when or where to do it – usually on a need-to-know basis.

So, as I was saying, we chose to do a pizza making party at Pizza Express. And what a success it was! Top Banana!

I don’t want to show the faces of the kids – such is the shiteness of the world we live in – so i can’t really convey the joy and unbridled happiness of all those present – but you can take my word for it – it was an afternoon of joy and unbridled happiness.

ya take tha dough

ya kneed it man - an add da paste

ya throw on ya fave toppins'

an ya eat tha damn pizza

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3 Comments on “Chopped Liver – I Want To Make It With You”

  1. Laurel Says:

    Sounds great. We did the same for one of Olivia’s parties years ago and they loved it

  2. Sawbofeller Says:

    David, all is well thankyou.

    Wot ? No anchovies on the pizzas ! Sacrilege.

    Mind you, I didn’t know what an olive or a pepper looked like at their age.

    Happy Birthday ‘Weedy’.

  3. aviva Says:

    the happy hands say it all
    so glad they enjoyed it
    its true though, pizza without anchovies….well, it just aint pizza

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