Chopped Liver – Hello? Is It Me You’re Lookin’ For?

I live in a fairly non-descript part of North-west London. It’s a place that is convenient for access – in that you can drive it through it to most destinations easily – and that is what most people do – they drive through it. The council painted some red lines at the edge of the road to indicate it is a Red Route – and therefore No Stopping is allowed – they needn’t have bothered with the paint!

And so when something unusual occurs, it is usually pretty noticeable. Take this week, for example – a host of large coaches, trucks, vans and people were parked up outside the local convenience store – some of the people were holding big furry things on sticks – I deduced from the tell-tale signs that this was a film crew.

But I was driving en route to my Bridge match. Couldn’t stop.

But, y’know as i passed the entourage, I had this this nagging thought.

You know how, in life, there are always one or two people who, if you were fortunate enough to meet, you would be starstruck – you know the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet your hero – pop star, film star, bridge grandmaster – that kind of thing.

Bingo Master

So, I was thinking, as I drove past, what if it was Bob doing a vid for his new Easter album (hey, don’t laugh – he did a Christmas album last year – that by the way yielded the happiest, funniest and generally all round good time piece of pop genius brilliance to rank up against his earlier classics) – or Mark E Smith playing a drunk… oh no that probably happens every day anyway – but you get my point.

Hendon Homesick Blues

Anyway, I found out who it was. It was Gary Line-aker and Lionel Blair Richie – you know the Commoders guy who is about as relevant these days as … as… as… well, as Bob or Mark E Smith, I guess!

The were filming the new Walkers Crisps advert – with a storyline along the lines of Mr Nice Guy throwing the EASY guy through a glass shop window – ideal for kids, dontcha think?

Now, surely if they wanted a handsome, witty, budding film star from the local area who will eat crisps all day if asked to then, eh… Hello??? Is it me you’re lookin’ for?

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Hello? Is It Me You’re Lookin’ For?”

  1. Fiona Says:

    hi, just setting up a WordPress blog for my niece Jen Rankin (friend of Sophie and Phoebe) as she’s setting off to India and Nepal on Monday and writes brilliantly. I am going to refer her to yours to get hints and tips. She is ‘’ if you’re interested. love, Fiona

  2. davidkallin Says:

    I presume you mean “hints and tips” on what not to do! She is welcome to contact me – make sure she posts something every day – if she has a smart phone with the wordpress app, all the better. And can tweet it or facebook it – or both.

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