Chopped Liver – People Are Strange

Feeling a bit better today – I think I have had an attack of something – perhaps a blocked bile duct or whatever because of some symptoms I have noticed. Anyway, here’s a strange thing.

In WordPress, which is the thing I use to create these blogs, there is an admin page where I can check various things, like how many readers I have had today, last week, month, ever, and things like how people found my blog – say, which Google searches they keyed in and were greeted with my blog that made them click in – all that kind of stuff.

So yesterday I noticed a couple of search terms used by people. But quite how they found me, I just don’t know.

They were:- yurbumsootthawindae – now I know what that means – it means and I’ll translate for you non-Glaswegians out there – your bottom’s protruding out over the wondow ledge. However, why would someone search in Google for that? And find my blog? My blog does not contain said search string…um… well, it does now. But it didn’t then. I think I’ll keep it in now – as there may be thousands of peeps out there searching for “yurbumsootthawindae” and I wouldn’t want them to miss out on the ins and outs, ups and downs, tos and fros of an ordinary bloke waiting for a liver transplant.

The other search string I noticed was “after your child gets a boyfriend you become like chopped liver”.

Now, not even a Glaswegian could possibly have a clue what that’s all about – answers on a postcard anyone?

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