Chopped Liver – Puri Boy Blues

When I was young (er) and living in my batchelor pad in Tooting (Sarf London), I used have regular curries. Every week. Sometimes multiple times a week. Jeez, the very thought of it makes me sad – as my stomach just couldn’t stand it any more – very sad.

One of the restaurants I used to visit was a vegetarian one called Kastoori in Tooting – it was brilliant – and all bright and pinky inside.

I remember on my first visit there I ordered this starter that I had never heard of – it was Pani Puri… or was it Dahi Puri – which is a Pani Puri but with added yoghurt. The Puris are little popadum pockets stuffed with little potato pieces and chick peas and coriander and… and… and…. oh the memory!

Not.. Fish n Chips

So anyway, they arrive – six of them in a little circle on the plate, and I pick one read to bite into – when the manager races up to me yelling and screaming – hmmm…. must be a fire, I thought.

But no – he just noticed that I was eating them the wrong way. Y’see, you’ve got to stick the whole thing right in there – all in one go – Whammo! And then the tastes explode in your mouth. What a combination of tastes. If you’ve never had them, have them!

And then today I’m round at my buddy Kesh as his lovely wife Rita says the most incredible thing – she says, David, would you like some homemade Pani Puris?

Would I what? Eh, that’ll be a yes then.

And boythey were good. And now I know how to make them. So easy. And I’m going to do it!


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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Puri Boy Blues”

  1. Sawbofeller Says:

    Used to be a curry house next to Broad St. station in the city during the early eighties that did the best Pani Puri and Murg Chat starters that I have ever tasted. Went there every Friday night for years.

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