Chopped Liver – She’s Electric

You know for the most part, I’m enjoying every day – as it’s been so long since I was told about the liver transplant I have become almost immune to the reality of it all. Of course when I do get the call, I will panic like fuck, but right now I am living the old adage that there are plenty people worse off than myself.

But most people can say that, can’t they? (except the real unfortunate ones who may be on a different agenda).

Take the woman I saw today as I sat on the pavement with B and Weedy having dinner. Ok, we were not exactly sat on the pavement having dinner like y’know, down ‘n’ outs – the restaurant had tables and chairs, which they placed on the pavement – and we sat on those.

Now, this woman, was a disabled woman. She was driving one of those electric motorised wheelchairs. What happened next was nothing short of astonishing – to me anyway, as I have never seen anything like this before.

B said to me – shall we see if we can help her? I thought “Help her?” I don’t even know what she wants to do. Y’see the woman had driven up along side a parked car and she waited as if assessing the situation. This was an ordinary looking car – a Ford Focus to be precise – with one of those roof boxes on top.

The woman produced a set of keys from her pocket and opened the driver’s door. I’d like to see the look on the faces of B and myself at this point – we were torn between trying not to look and gaping open-mouthed at what we saw.

The woman had to surreptitiously – look this was the hardest part – I will gloss over this part – but once she had manouevered herself into the driving seat – there was even more puzzlement on our expressions. Y’see we had now had the situation of the woman in situ ready to go, but her wheelchair was still outside the car!

Ok, I’ve got to go over and ask her if we can help – but then, the roof box opens, a metal string thing with a hook drops down from the roofbox on to the wheelchair; the woman clips it to the frame with one hand, the wheel chair is lifted up in the air, into the roofbox, which pronptly closes. She starts the car and is off!

Just like that.

Absolutley incredible. Look, if you’ve seen this contraption in action before, then please excuse my excitement – but I had never seen such a thing, never heard of such a thing – and I was left with both feelings of total admiration for the creators and manufacturers of the device – and an even greater admiration for the woman who makes the best of what she has. She has a problem, finds a solution and judging by appearances, goes about her business in a totally normal way.

She knows there are people far worse off than herself.

I do hope nobody thinks I am being disingenuous. I’ll call the way I see it – and the way I saw it was – breathtaking.

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