Chopped Liver – Hair

Latest local news just in…

“Man charged with Barnet robbery” – Did he steal a toupe?

See? My standards slip when I’m tired. I’m still tired. And following yesterday’s busy day, I have had another busy day and I’m going out again shortly – y’know maybe there is a correlation between my full days and nights – and me feeling tired.

I had a meeting with a local Hospice – the North London Hospice. They do a fine job you know. Staff treat their patients with compassion during their final days. They have to maintain an element of emotional detachment coupled with dedication – it’s a fine balance – and they do a fine job.

I’ll talk more about this later – as I am about to embark on a partnership with them – creating greater awareness of their service to the community.

I am going to forge similar partnerships with other local charities – if you know of one you would like me to focus on, do drop me a line HERE

If you want to give a donation to my JustGiving charity page in the British Liver Trust – CLICK HERE

If you want to play the Liver Let Live Game – CLICK HERE

Or if you’re unsure and simply want to grow your business through thebestof Barnet – I will donate your first 2 months fees to my Liver Charity CLICK HERE

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