Chopped Liver – Everlasting Love?

Early readers of this blog will know of my love affair with Apple iPhone. Best invention since sliced bread an’ all that. I had thought then that this love affair would be unconditional. But now I’m not so sure.

In fact I think Mr. Jobs may be more interested in making money for Apple than in keeping me happy. Perish the thought I know, but here’s the facts.

In the 3 years since the iPhone was launched with the iPhone 3G, there has been a major upgrade to 3GS and more recently to the iPhone 4. All major upgrades to software and firmware, and in the case of the latter, hardware too. There have also been numerous software upgrades to iTunes too.

In that time, I secured my treasured iPhone 3G on a (admittedly stoopid – but that’s another story) long term contract. However, as the iPhone evolved and iTunes too, the upgrades have been designed to improve the latest versions – but not the original 3G. You with me?

What has happened, in fact, is that the upgrades, when applied to the 3G have served to slow down the straining 3G while not offerring the full package of new features.

So how has this affected poor old me? Well, my iPhone now no longer automatically plays on the car stereo – it’s hit and miss – sometimes I have to power down and re-boot the phone for it to work. When I select basic features like my Contacts, it takes an age for it to load up – I am left staring at a blank white screen for … oh at least 5 seconds. Generally, things that used to be slick are now sludgy – and I expect this trend to continue with each upgrade until I am forced to upgrade to the next generation – which, will probably cost a lot more – in short, Apple have provided the mass consumer with the greatest toy in the market, and now that we have fallen in love with it, they are making their big dollars out of us.

Rats – and I thought they were merely providing a service. I’m off for a slice of toast.

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3 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Everlasting Love?”

  1. Gavin Fabiani-Laymond Says:

    Turn off spotlight search in settings. This will speed iPhone up a lot.

    • davidkallin Says:

      Thanks Gavin – Just unticked all the crap – seems to be lot quicker – it’s possible my love affair could be back on!! My gratitude knows no bounds. I don’t even know what the spotlight search did – and I dont even wanna!

  2. Gavin Fabiani-Laymond Says:

    Spotlight is when you are on first home screen and swipe right or double press home button and you can search web or anything on iPhone . Powering on off helps too. There will be an update from Apple soon that will also improve the speed.

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