Chopped Liver – Tweet Petite


It’s amazing. You get a great insight into the lives of many – people you would otherwise never hear about – famous people from the world of sport, music, film, tv, politics etc to friends and family and inspirational people we know only through Twitter.

I say inspirational – people inspire me with their humour, with their day-to-day observations, their life stories, with the mountains they have to climb or those that have already been climbed. And we do all this within the confines of 140 characters.

It’s opened up a whole new channel of communication. A sneak through the curtains of our lives.

Not as voyeurs – but as invited guests.

Every day we marvel at the courage of @Lamlungartist who has undergone a double lung transplant to recover sufficiently to compete successfully in athletic championships and bring home medals and a smile. The courage she has shown must rub off on the likes of @ukcybernaut – makes her tweets and blog so worthwhile. There are many like them/us – finding comfort, friendship and strength through the power of Twitter.


You cannot feel alone in Twitterland.

In business, you can share articles, ideas, blogs and innovations with great minds – @keshmorjaria @duncanbannatyne and @pbhovan – people we know and people we know of, and many many more – some famous, most not – and that’s the thing – Twitter is the great leveller. You can “Follow” whoever you want – they may follow you back, they may not. There’s plenty of inspiration to go around.

Every day I look forward to making new friends. Some will inspire me. I hope, in some way, I too can inspire others.

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