Chopped Liver – The Day We Caught The Train

As you know, I had a busy weekend – so busy I didn’t have time to post a blog – but I have half an hour or so now – so here goes.

Firstly, I feel better now following last night’s nausea which almost caused a sticky end to the day – for my keyboard, if nothing else. But emergency averted and I woke up refreshed.

And so to Saturday – Weedy’s uncle has a few times mentioned the wonderful treat in store if you visit the newly opened Eurostar terminal at St. Pancras in the heart of London – where you can relax over a cup of tea in a cafe and watch the trains roll in and depart on their merry journeys to and from mainland Europe – and what’s more it is great fun for the kids.

We have a kid. We like sitting in cafes watching the world go by.

In fact we borrowed another kid for the day as well – wouldn’t want anyone to miss out.

So we have some fun and games getting to the station – as Kings Cross underground was closed for engineering works – hence we had to do a small bit of walking – which went down a treat with said kids – NOT.

We arrive at the terminal, and look around for the best vantage point to have our tea and cakes and watch the trains. Except, it’s not quite like that. Firstly there is no cafe from where you can actually see a train. Secondly, you are not allowed anywhere near the trains, thirdly they seem to be no more frequent than every hour or so and finally, nothing actually happens.

So when the kids start asking – “When’s the exciting bit?” We are left scratching our heads.

The station concourse is teaming with people. There are many shops. Somehow the kids don’t seem enamoured with the idea that they have come all this way to squeeze past people to look in a shop – that much they can do at the local shopping centre.

Then they find the Hamleys toy store. Now this is something. See yesterday’s post for funny joke with doorman. They spend the next hour playing with a few crappy toys which we dont allow them to buy – and that’s it – we go home.

Believe me, the next time I set foot in that place it will be a day we catch a train. Hopefully that day will come soon.

(aplogies to uncle J re his suggestion – I know he was only trying to help – maybe he should get out more!)

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4 Comments on “Chopped Liver – The Day We Caught The Train”

  1. Ken Says:

    Did Danny not enjoy the big statue of the couple and the frieze around the bottom? Hours of fun, surely?

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