Chopped Liver – Strawberry Fields Forever

... shugga... fugga... bugga... mugga!

Shortly heading off with B and Weedy to go fruit picking. I will try and not be the proverbial sack of potatoes – after all they are not fruits, are they? No, the sack of potatoes is the heavy heavy thing some people drag around with them that slows them down and makes them moody and negative – in short carrying around a sack of potatoes makes you moan, groan and sigh.

Some people are like a sack of potatoes. They are negative people. They slow you down and fill you with negative thoughts that rub off onto you and drag you down too.

It is important to rid yourself of sacks of potatoes. If you must carry your troubles with you, put them in a trolley and keep moving. Better still, if you meet someone with a sack of potatoes give them a wide berth. I don’t mean to sound cruel. We all have a burden to bear – some of us shout about it, some of us blog about it, some of us get dragged down by it so that it takes over our lives, and some of us move on steadfastly despite our problems. People do not want to hear bad news so if you feel you want to broadcast it, then do so with positivity and humour.

I heard Kenny Dalglish explaining why he left Celtic, where he was idolised, to take on the almighty challenge of replacing the best player in Europe, Kevin Keegan, at the best club in the world, Liverpool. He said it simply – This is life. It is not a rehearsal. We get one chance and one chance only to achieve our ambitions. So, face the challenge – and hey, my motto – Feel The Fear – And Do It Anyway!

Oh yeah, and why am I saying all this today? ‘Cos I feel like shit today. Have done for a few days. Don’t wanna go out – it’s cold, wet, windy and miserable – and I could soooo easily be a bore today and become a sack of potatoes – but, there i have said it, I recognise it, now I am going to ignore it – I may enjoy the day, I may not – but I will not let how I feel drag down others.

I have a feeling I stole the basis of this analogy from Nigel Risner – if I did, do take it as a compliment, Nigel. That’s if you’ve read this and noticed I stole from you. If you haven’t read this, and neither your, nor Andrew, are aware of it, then nyahh, I win!)

Now there… are 3…. steps to … carry a donor card – ooh, wah wah!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Strawberry Fields Forever”

  1. Anita G Says:

    I feel moved to comment on this post, and not just because you used a Beatles track as the title…. I sympathise greatly with how you are feeling and applaud the way you are dealing with it. A very nicely phrased and meaningful piece.

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