Chopped Liver – In The Summertime

Knock Knock.

Who’s There?


Summer Who?

ah.. perfect spot for the picnic

Some are cold, some are windy, some are rainy – some are all of those put together.

Yep, good ole British summer – but hey, after yesterday’s lecture about carrying sacks of potatoes, I can’t complain.

In fact I should just go out in the garden and sunbathe.

Oh, while I am putting down my sack o’spuds – just got time to say – still feel like crap. Nautious, tired, lathargic – I actually heard myself saying to B last night – that I am ready for my operation now. I’ll never be ready.

I lay in bed this morning determined to try and recharge the batteries with a bit of extra sleep – but of course that’s not possible. Y’see my Apple iPhone was great fun – but that was until I discovered that you can also make and receive calls with it. My goodness – who’da thunk it? On top of everything else, it’s also a phone! What would Alexander Graham Ding Dong say about that?

And so it rang. And rang. And rang. Most of them from one specific client who was really really worried and upset about a date being wrong on one of her listings – and it just had to be fixed NOW! So I gave it enough time for her to stew a bit and me to rest a bit more – and then I phoned her and became her best buddy again.

She should be thankful I wasn’t carrying my sack o’spuds at the time – oh boy, would she have regretted that!

Yesterday we went fruit-picking. It was fun. Weedy and his wee cousin getting all excited over a raspberry. Can’t understand why Weedy was so excited – he hears me blowing them all day at home as it is!

I’m supposed to be making strawberry jam with the … eh… strawberries we picked. I’ll give it a go – could come to a sticky end though.

Final thought from my new Twitter follower @thekeithchegwin – “The average bloke thinks about sex once every six …breasts”

Now there… are 3…. steps to … carry a donor card – ooh, wah wah!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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