Chopped Liver – Jammin’

As discussed yesterday, we went fruit-picking. We filled a punnet of strawberries – well, we filled an empty carton with strawberries – and then it became a punnet of strawberries. The intention was to make strawberry jam.

I have never made jam before but I had a recipe – didn’t look particularly difficult. So here’s how to make perfect jam.

Step 1 – you take a punnet of strawberries – about 1kg.
Step 2 – you put them in the fridge for later, as you can’t be bothered doing it right now.
Step 3 – your 6-year old asks to eat strawberries.
Step 4 – you remove sufficient quantities of strawberries as to render the jam-making exercise as useless.
Step 5 – you go to the nearest supermarket and buy a jar of jam – whatever flavour you fancy.

Job Done.

The Completed Article

It reminds me of the classic little joke-let: How does Bob Marley like his sandwiches? W’jam in!

Now there… are 3…. steps to … carry a donor card – ooh, wah wah!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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