Chopped Liver – Three Little Bir… Words

Spare a thought for B.

Had a difficult few days, my wife. Not least because, since around the time that Weedy had to be taken to A&E for his skelf (see Post entitled Accidents Will Happen), she suffered a UTS error on her mobile rendering it partially useless. She could be heard but not hear conversations on the phone.

Personally I would be happier the other way round – that she could hear what others (me!) are saying but we couldn’t hear her – much better if you ask me.

So she had this UTS error for a few days. But she discovered that there are a few Vodafone outlets – mainy towards, or within, the centre of London that provide some repairs while you wait. If it’s too big a problem then the phone would have to be sent away for repair.

And off she went, on the bus, with Weedy, to the nearest such outlet and handed in her phone. It was here that they confirmed the aforementioned UTS error.

“UTS?” asked B innocently.

Y’see, I’m with her on this one. I hate TLA’s with a passion.

“TLA?” Ah, yes… TLA – it stands for Three Letter Acronyms!

“UTS?” Ah…. now that stands for User Too Stupid! like.. eh.. wossis bit for??

Y’see she… or someone – let’s say Weedy (it wasn’t, but what is the point of a 6 yr old if you cant blame them for everything) – turned the volume down to zero on her mobile.

Ha Ha. Oh what joy it is to write your own blog – ho hum. Reminds me of the time i worked in an I.T. company. If a user phoned up with a ridiculous problem – solved by switching the thing on at the mains or such like – then we would politely ask if the user still had the cardboard box it came in. “Yes I do”. “Good, then could you put the computer back in its box and send to us at Head Office with a note attached saying that you are too darn stoopid to use it!”

Now there… are 3…. steps to … carry a donor card – ooh, wah wah!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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