Chopped Liver – Mamma Miaow

A very interesting day today – Weedy loves London – so B found this little booklet of London trails. Central London trails, no less. Now I thought I knew pretty much knew Nodnol back to front -but this was a part of the city I had never been to.

It started at the tremendous Russell Hotel in Russell Square – a visit to the toilet (always judge a hotel by its toilet) there was essential and a view of the lobby didn’t disappointment. (for Glaswegians reading this, I did say “lobby” – now behave!)

And we followed the trail – taking us to the Collonade where the old Horse Hospital (true!) and multiple stables were present in much the same appearance as you imagine they were in when built.

And we got to Queens Square. The last Queens Square I had been in was the one my grandmother lived in, in Glasgow until about 40 years ago. This London one, near the original Royal Free Hospital – simply cannot get away from that place – was famous – I say famous – I’d never heard of it – but it was famous for having the statue of a bronze cat on a wall.

Now, according to the booklet, there is a story attached to this cat on the wall – about its owner dying and the cat staying with the body and showing total loyalty to the spot where its owner passed on etc etc. So, this was a must-see. Well, we went round the square – not once – but twice, trying to find this goddam cat. Then we did. And d’yknow what we found? I tell ya what we found. We found a bronze cat on a wall.

This was no ordinary wall. I tell a lie. This was an ordinary wall. This was an ordinary council house builder’s wall made of dull boring brick, standing alone with a bronze cat on it – and not even a plaque or nuffink to tell you (if you didn’t have a booklet) why there was a goddam cat sitting on a goddam wall in a discreet corner of a discreet park in the most famous city in the world!

And we walked on -and we found Coram Fields park – this is a fun children’s play park where adults are not allowed in – unless accompanied by a child! And that was the end of our day. Well, what I mean is, once Weedy got himself into the sandpit and climbing frames and slides an’ all, there was no budging him for the next 3 or 4 hours – till going home time.

Anyway a good day – nice to have had a day in this woeful August weather to be able to get out – even though we got well and truly drenched on the way home.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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