Chopped Liver – Puff The Magic Dragon

I’ve moved into the RAF Museum in Hendon.

Well, the family went there on Sunday for the Routemaster Bus extravaganza.

I went back there on Tuesday for a meeting – very enjoyable meeting too – and set up great opportunities for both of us in many ways.

(Don’t tell anyone, but I bought a bag of chocolate Puff Candy on my way out. The RAF Museum do sell the best Puff Candy – if you don’t know what Puff Candy is… well, it’s honeycomb covered in hmmm…. chocy. I have no idea why the RAF Museum

Ooh, Heaven is a place on earth!

shop sells Puff Candy, maybe it was the favourite sweet of the time – but I cant resist it – I will get my comeuppance tomorrow as I have a dental appointment – hygenist).

And back to the RAF Museum again today – Weedy’s last day of his holiday – so we had fun together there.

I suppose since this is a blog about my liver condition I should reveal that I have felt pretty crappy these last few days. But I have so much work to do – I need to break the back of it all before I get the call.

If I ever get that call!

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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