Chopped Liver – Dandy In The Underpants

As I was saying last night, I won the “Booby” prize (i’m sure there is a more apt expression than that, but y’know I am just so not going there) of a pair of pants.

Here’s why.

I was at a launch party for a new product about video-conferencing. The idea is to save time going to and from meetings and being able to talk to up to six different people in little sections of your computer screen. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Well, no.

Not in my book anyway. I believe in face to face, eye to eye. I believe you can engage so much better with people when you can look into the whites of their eyes – or, in my jaundiced view of life, into the yellows of my eyes. Actually maybe that’s a hidden benefit of this system – “business networking for the jaundiced”.

Now, as part of their demo, they showed a screen of six people having a chat with each other – and at one point a bulb went out in one of the particiPANTS rooms.

He said – Oh, Hold on a second, I need to change a bulb. And at that point he stood up on the chair to do so and revealed he was only wearing a pair of… guess what… pants. Cue much guffawing in the room last night.

But I was not impressed. Y’see I think this very funny part of the demo highlighted the very essence of what is wrong with it. When I am talking business with someone, I want to know i am giving and getting the full 100% attention we each deserve. And you do not give 100% when you are doing business in your Y’s.

In fact what you are saying is – I am not the least bit interested in what you have got to say, I am only interested in selling to you – not buying from you.

And what else might you be doing? In your Y’s? Watching the cricket? Engaging in… ok, you get my drift.

but... how did they know my size?

I accept I may be being just a little precious in all this. Maybe I am wrong. But I felt uneasy watching it – and now I have the permanent reminder of it by winning a pair of pants in the raffle.

Roll on next week for some more face to face meetings with some more prospective clients. Suited and booted.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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