Chopped Liver – Please Mr. Postman

Back at the beginning of March this year I embarked on my little journey. Not just the little journey of undergoing a liver transplant, but the one about producing a blog post every day.

And today marks the 200th post.

That’s 200.

So, if you’re joining me for the first time tonight, pop-pickers, then you have a lot of reading to get through.

Or, you could just not bother.

I suppose I should mark this with an update on the state of my health. Maybe if I write that if I am feeling terrible, on my last legs, need the new liver right now etc – then maybe Smiler (remember him, old-timers?) will read it and call me in the next time a compatible liver is found.

But, thankfully, it’s not like that. I just feel general nausea, a bit shivvery and mentally troubled – all to be expected for someone in my situation, I guess. But, mustn’t grumble. There’s many peeps a lot worse off than me.

Take the mother of the salesgirl in the old sweet shop I walked into the other day – not buying, of course, just curious. There I was, with many others, marvelling at the vast array of different-coloured licorices, chocolates, suckies – hm how wonderful – what a delight! What could possible spoil this heavenly moment?

The sales girl. That’s what. There she was catching eveyone’s attention with the statement – “If my mum’s still alive… then”

yeh, I'll have 2 bouts of cancer, and a dozen brain tumours please...

Other salesgirl asks what’s wrong with her mum to make her make such a comment. “Well, she has had 24 brain tumours, 3 different types of cancer… and she is currently in hospital with a sever bout of…”

HHHEEELLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! Get me out of the sweet shop!!!! I only have a fucked-up liver – I AM HEALTHY COMPARED TO THIS LOT!!!!

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Please Mr. Postman”

  1. sawbofeller Says:

    WTF is a suckie ? I would guess at it being a boiled sweet ?

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