Chopped Liver – One Night in …Palace

Well, one afternoon really.

When I lived in South London in my bachelor days… (hang on, let me just take a minute out…hmmm… ahhh) ok – I’m back, sorry, where was I?

Yes, South London – I used to drive across London along the Fulham Palace Road. So when B suggested we go out for the day to Fulham, I thought of 2 things. 1) Is this yet another example of B’s Geography skills? and 2) You mean there is a Palace in Fulham Palace Road?

So we drove through West London. Now this is not something I advise. It used to be pretty grim, what with the White City snarl-up, followed by the Shepherds Bush roundabout/carpark, and finally the Hammersmith stopabout – but now there is the added major issue of the immense and immensely popular Westfield Shopping Centre – suffice to say, if I want to make sure I get back for a liver match – then that is one area I will steer clear of.

And so we arrive at the Palace, and it is splendid – except for the fact that it starts to bucket down as soon as we park up. We were informed that by the Far-Eastern lady at the door that this is England – you have to expect this – and next week we are expecting the remnants of the hurricance that’s decemating America at the moment. Nothing like a cheery welcome.

We decided to have an early tea. Found a table, and braved the pretty desperate attempt at providing an acceptable form of customer service – including a £2 cup of tea that was not nearly half-filled and came without milk.

Anyway – I complain too much – the fact is we made the best of it – had a fun time together as a family – Weedy absolutely loved being caught up in traffic jams and seeing tube stations he hadn’t seen before, and B was in a cafe – what more could she possibly have asked her – she was in her element!

Health-wise – felt fine this weekend – I should trip and fall more often – maybe it’s not knocked my liver back into place.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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