Chopped Liver – I’m A Cyber Drinker

first things first – a big Out to my Twitter buddy Mark aka @ukcybernaut who has been waiting for a couple of years or so for double-lung transplant. He was called in last week for the 7th time only to be sent home as the match was not good enough. He tweeted last night to say he had been called again and continued to tweet as he and the lungs underwent compatability tests.

Then he was taken in and has now been released into intensive care after a five and a half hour operation – wow – and peeps round the world are hanging on to their twitter apps waiting for news from his daughter who is keeping us all informed.

The power of medical science. The power of modern communication.

As for me I am back in a doctors surgery – the pain in my thigh and hand shows no sign of abating. The possibility of there still being a hairline fracture in either or both still cannot be ruled out – whatever it is it needs further examination.

Of course you medics out there reading this will think I’m mad – if it was broken I sure as hell would know about it – you’re right of course – except that I sure as hell do know about it – and I’m getting a bit fed up with it.

Anyway enough of the doom and gloom – I hear Scotland won the Ryder Cup today – well done Monty!

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