Chopped Liver – Popcorn Double Feature

Yes, there is a song about Popcorn – two in fact that I know of – the one I have chosen by The Fall, and of course the early 60’s hit by B Bumble and the Stingers.

Bridge was the slowest ever tonight – and included one near fatality – and that was NOT me on my partner! And it involved Popcorn.

I am now hastily writing my new detective novel – Death By Popcorn. Actually mustn’t be flippant, she seemed in a pretty bad way – hope you’re ok S – gulp, what if she’s not?

Anyway my hand still aches, my leg aches, and now PC is coming out in sympathy AGAIN!

Weedy has been barred from using my laptop now, the poor soul – he is distraught – but believe me, despite Parental Controls, what I found on the desktop “Caligula would have blushed” – so said Morrissey.

Tomorrow, it’s Gastro day – followed by dentist day. I have been given a form by my GP for an X-Ray on my hand – she still thinks it needs seeing to and is still swollen – if I can fit it in tomorrow I will do so – but more likely it’ll be Thursday when I have my Liver appointment.

I once had a post titled I’m a Walking Miracle – it sounds like I am the Walking Dead (with limp).

Hey, it’s almost midnight – gotta post – and attend to this bleedin’ computer.

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