Chopped Liver – Say No Go

First things first – my PC’s still very poorly – I don’t think I shoulda let Weedy loose on the network – it may not have been his fault – but then again, and it kinda points that way – lots of viruses that keep recurring, applications that wont load – generally a most annoying situation – I am busy restoring the desktop to yet another point in history to see if that’ll work.

My hand and leg etc are getting better – I think the threat of a plaster cast saw to that.

That aside, of course, y’all want to know about my meeting with Smiler this morning. It went like this.

Morning David, How are you?

Morning Doc – I’m fine actually – not felt better for a long time.

As you know, I write a daily blog about my experiences on the list etc.

Yes, but as you know, I don’t read it.

That’s fine – but I have to tell you about yesterday’s post – it said – “Off to see Smiler in the morning – should I ask him where I am on the list or should I just talk about iPhones and Blackberry’s?”

Ok, we’ll do both, he said.

The thing about the list is that your blood group is the universal recipient – so any liver that becomes available will not only be good for you – but will also be good for most people too. And believe me, there are people ahead of you in the list who are more needy – they are in life threatening mode. And there will be people who will come along later who will be more needy than you who will jump the list.

Now, looking at your blood results – wow, I have never seen your blood results looking so good. So, basically we need to keep a close eye on that clot in your portal vein – do another MRI and see how it’s doing and if it is the same as last time – then see you in three months.

Y’see transplants have been very quiet lately – people are not donating so much, livers are less readily available – so when one does become available it will be allocated to the most deserving cause. And believe me, if I felt your situation had changed and you needed escalating, I will make it happen.

Now the real issue is, my contract is due up, and I need to know whether to get a Blackberry or an iPhone.

Ok Smil.. Doc, what I would do is – get yourself an iPhone. If you like it stick with it. If you can’t get along with it then go back and tell them you need a Blackberry instead – and I am sure they will change it. Job done.

And there you have it – both major issues resolved in ten minutes flat.

And how do I feel? Relief, I guess. Uncertainty is not always good, but you know I think all this means that I am certainly not going to get called … today, or tomorrow, or probably in the next week, or maybe even month – and maybe not till after my next MRI results, whenever that may be. I can live with that. It’s not ideal – for forward planning a normal life etc, but I feel the longer I can keep my own body parts the better, eh what?

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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3 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Say No Go”

  1. lilsophie Says:

    Just ran across your blog. Sorry that your waiting list is so discouraging. I can’t imagine how you must have felt to have the Dr tell you that others could be added to the list above you. Then bittersweetly be told that your blood results look good. I hope that continues for you. But it doesn’t make the roller coaster ride any easier.
    Just wanted you to know that “someone” out there is thinking of you and your difficult situation.

    And BTW, good job on advising the iPhone. πŸ˜‰

    • davidkallin Says:

      Jenny, Thank you for reading and taking the trouble to post – especially as I see what you are going through yourself. I am thinking of you and Lil Sophie – and hope and pray for a positive outcome later this month.

      As for me, I feel that as long as I am well enough to go about my business, I am happy to hold on to my original parts as long as I can.

      It’s comments like yours, Jenny, that make me doubt whether I should stop my daily posts after all.

      • lilsophie Says:

        Well, your really good at blogging. I love your writing style. But I understand your wanting to possibly quit. Especially if you started all this to document your journey of your liver transplant. It could get very depressing to post day after day of no positive updates. Not only is it depressing for you but for the readers as well.

        But here are a couple of things to think about:

        1. The journey is difficult and for some people drags on…. So I think it’s good for others to read what a roller coaster ride it can be. Not necessarily to have “pity” for you. But for people like me, who need to learn that sometimes there are 1 or 2 steps forward and 3 or 4 steps back. And that’s “normal” for whatever normal is. There is just comfort in knowing that others have been through similar experiences and can truly understand what your talking about. So many people don’t understand. But we can’t expect them to either.

        2. Even in light of this frustrating series of events you’ve managed to keep your sense of humor. At least in your writing anyway. Your daily life could be a totally different story. So as each of us go through our own personal difficult situations it’s refreshing to find a jewel of a post such as this. Still expressing the frustration but also making me smile and laugh.

        3. But along those lines…your posts shouldn’t be geared to entertaining people like me – unless that’s your goal. Posting the journey is a healthy, therapeutic release of the good, bad, and ugly along the way. It’s good to get this stuff out. And if someone stumbles across it by accident and gets something out of it then it’s an extra gift for both you and the reader.

        These are just my opinions. I don’t really know if continuing your blogging is healthy for you or not. Only those closest to you can provide the feedback on how this affects you personally.

        But I do like your writing and I found your entries on a very touchy subject refreshing. πŸ™‚

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