Chopped Liver – Voodoo Chile (Miners’ Return)

Absence does indeed make the heart go fonder. (It doesn’t, however, make livers come quicker!)

I’ve been moved and touched by the messages of goodw… hang on a minute – I don’t do sentimental crap. But I do have one or two things to say.

Firstly, a big shout for my Cyber Buddy – Mark (twitter @ukcybernaut – see his web blog link on the right of this screen – it’s caled Take a Breath and say 99). Mark had a double lung transplant only a week ago – he is now in a standard hospital ward, tweeting away again. Take a bow, Mark and say 100!

Special mention to one of my new readers – (twitter @lilsophie). Jenny posted this comment which genuinely touched me. She said…

“Well, your really good at blogging. I love your writing style. But I understand your wanting to possibly quit. Especially if you started all this to document your journey of your liver transplant. It could get very depressing to post day after day of no positive updates. Not only is it depressing for you but for the readers as well.

But here are a couple of things to think about:

1. The journey is difficult and for some people drags on…. So I think it’s good for others to read what a roller coaster ride it can be. Not necessarily to have “pity” for you. But for people like me, who need to learn that sometimes there are 1 or 2 steps forward and 3 or 4 steps back. And that’s “normal” for whatever normal is. There is just comfort in knowing that others have been through similar experiences and can truly understand what your talking about. So many people don’t understand. But we can’t expect them to either.

2. Even in light of this frustrating series of events you’ve managed to keep your sense of humor. At least in your writing anyway. Your daily life could be a totally different story. So as each of us go through our own personal difficult situations it’s refreshing to find a jewel of a post such as this. Still expressing the frustration but also making me smile and laugh.

3. But along those lines…your posts shouldn’t be geared to entertaining people like me – unless that’s your goal. Posting the journey is a healthy, therapeutic release of the good, bad, and ugly along the way. It’s good to get this stuff out. And if someone stumbles across it by accident and gets something out of it then it’s an extra gift for both you and the reader.

These are just my opinions. I don’t really know if continuing your blogging is healthy for you or not. Only those closest to you can provide the feedback on how this affects you personally.

But I do like your writing and I found your entries on a very touchy subject refreshing. :-)”

Phew – how can you not be persuaded by that? But when you consider Jenny’s own situation – it really does make me humble. My thoughts are with you Jenny.

But, of course, it was never my intention to cease completely. I’ve been missing writing my posts as much as you lot seem to have been missing reading them – in fact I have had a record number of early morning readers today – and there’s nothing for you poor buggers to read.

So, how am I?

I’m fine – thanks for asking.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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6 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Voodoo Chile (Miners’ Return)”

  1. hepababe Says:

    Glad you’re back.What a wonderful comment from Jenny.It’s great to know people care,isn’t it.

  2. sawbofeller Says:

    Reading this helps keep me sane plus you’re my best source of crap jokes.

    Also, I thought your first missed blog would indicate that you’ve finally had ‘the call’ and all your cybermates could say a little prayer to those they hold holy. If you don’t blog regularly, how are we to know ?

    Trust me, when you get the call, you won’t have time to either blog,tweet or even blink in your rush to get to the hospital.

    Keep up with the blogging even if it’s a ‘Nothing to report’ entry.

    ‘Audere est Facere’

  3. lilsophie Says:

    I’m glad you felt encouraged. And even more glad to see you continuing your blogging.

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