Chopped Liver – Police and Thieves

Great day today – mixed with some bizarre.

First the bizarre – our road (well corner of) was blocked off by, at first a multi car/bus crash, then subsequently by the police who wouldn’t let either vehicles or people cross the plastic tape. Stories are emerging of escaping armed robbers – doubtless the local press will feast on this over the coming days – as there isn’t usually much to excite them in this part of the world.

We negotiated a path to the tube station en route to start a City trail from Holborn to Covent Garden taking in some of the hidden gems of London town. But reality set in, and we found just so much of interest with every step we took, we barely scratched the surface of the trail. Four hours later – and a fantastic family day out in the glorious sunshine of a wholly untypical totally tropical November day and it was too dark to read the plaques on the buildings. Sadly it was not sufficient to negate the odours of the Neals Yard Dairy – undoubtedly the smelliest shop in the world – as it sells the smelliest of cheeses – quite how any customer could spend enough time in that environment to make their selection and find the money to pay for it with reaching for the sick bag – never mind those poor unfortunates who have to work there – they must be convicts.

Anyway, darkness fell and we had to get home as I was taking Weedy to his first organised fireworks display at Roundwood Park in Willesden. And WOW what a display – brilliant setting, clear skies, awesome display. So great to spend time in the company of thousands of people in inner London and feel so safe – safer, as it happens, that in my own home if the stories of armed robbers smashing in to buses are anything to go by.

I couldn’t fault the Roundwood Park display – except for one aspect –

Shine on...

they were selling a whole load of brightly lit spangly jangly tat at the funfair – and Weedy wanted one of the bright green light-sabre things – ok, no problem son, after all, every kid seems to have one. But when I got it, there was a red light at the tip – which was a straight-as-a-die laser that shone a red dot at the houses and trees over 50 metres away – I kid you not! An’ all the little kids have got them – now I would not want one of those shining in my eyes thank you very much.

To be fair to Weedy, he appreciated the inherent dangers and handed it straight back to me and asked me to turn it off. What? A 6 year old? Aware of the dangers? Turn it off?? Must take after his mother!

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Police and Thieves”

  1. hepababe Says:

    “You’ll have somebodies eye out with that thing!”as my mother used to say to me. That was in the days of sticks not lasers though.

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