Chopped Liver – Waiting on a Mri-acle

I remember when I had a previous MRI scan – I didn’t get the results.

It was only when my dentist, of all people, identified a tooth decay and recommended extraction. I explained about my platelet problem. He wrote to Smiler. Smiler said, hang on a mo, let’s check his latest stats – oh, there’s some MRI results – hmmm… not good. I recommend the tooth needs to come out – and while we are at it – that liver needs to be whipped out too.

And that is the long and the short of how I got to where I am today.

Give or take.

So, anyway, I am not leaving MRI results to chance again. I am waiting on a phone call to determine the state of my portal vein obstruction.

Which was is it going to do?

Who know?

I am waking up every morning these days with a very uncomfortable stomache – some sort of reflex reaction thing going on there – bad start to the day – spesh when Weedy seems to be full of beans and wanting to play. And I’ve got to summon up the effort to get up and get ready – to take three 6-year-olds on the school run.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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