Chopped Liver – Eat It

So much for me not waiting for my MRI scan results – they still have not contacted me with any news – maybe it’s too early. We kinda needed to know today, ‘cos the travel agent lady is holding tickets for B and Weedy to go away at the end of December for 10 or 11 days to Israel.

We go every year – B’s parents live there. I don’t feel like going this year – wouldn’t be right. But I feel it’s important for t’other two to go – Weedy needs a holiday, needs to see his grandparents and B the same. Listen, we can’t all put our lives on hold – this situation could go on for ages. ‘Course if I get called before then, well that’s a different story.

Look, it’s highly unlikely I will be called in between Xmas and New Year – hell, I wouldn’t want one of those livers anyway – they’ll be soaked in a month’s worth of office parties. But if I do get called, then they’ll come back on the next flight and be with me before I am even out of ITU.

I don’t feel like going for a couple of reasons – I don’t want to come off the list but also, I just don’t feel quite right at the moment – take today for example – I had a healthy lunch with a friend – but as each hour has gone by since, I have been feeling more and more unsettled and bloated. It’s nearly dinner time now – and I couldn’t even face eating a “waffer-thin” crisp. So I’ve cancelled my dinner order.


I am generally not into my food these days. Nothing excites me. I eat too much and I feel ill. I eat too little and I feel hungry. I go to bed and feel I have to sit upright. I wake up feeling discomfort in my oesophagus region – I think that’s a Greek island – very windy.

I tell you what – when I finally get this liver transplant – these symptoms better disappear – otherwise, what’s the point?

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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