Chopped Liver – Ashes To Ashes

How predictable, I know.

On the day the Ashes series starts, I have to use that song title.

But it’s not accidental – I’m doing a little test y’see. I figure that there will be many people – at least 6 – who will be searching in Google for the word Ashes today – and I want a piece of it.

So, that’s my test. And it’s not too foolhardy. Y’see, I posted an obscure Fall song title (Mere Pseud Mag Ed) some months ago (eh, they’re all obscure, – Ed) and somebody stumpledupon it just yesterday and opened my blog. See? Now get lost, Ed.

But this is one of British sports’ great days – the first ball of an Ashes tour. Who can forget the first ball of the last Ashes tour down under?

it's no good - need to find that contact lens

Oh, Steve Harmison – (no Harm My Son) – his whole career defined in that one critical ball bowled. A whole series mapped out in that one ball. The hopes and aspirations of a nation quashed in one ball – the very first.

Oh no, I am not exagerrating. David Cameron today said that “the whole nation” is behind our boys. So it must true. My guess is that most of the nation do not even know it is taking place – and care even less – but who am I to argue?

So Ashes to Ashes it is then. I’ll stick in a little reference to David Bowie – just for good measure.

I do think it is more than a little sneaky though of the Aussies to make the Brits start playing cricket at midnight – why couldn’t they play at a normal time? – at least then the 6 people that are interested can watch it – unless “I’m an X-Factor Celebrity Get that Apprentice Out of here – this is Strictly a Masterchef Hell’s Kitchen” is on the other side.

A couple more references thrown in there – anybody spot them?

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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