Chopped Liver – Jacket Hangs

It’s been a busy year for me – since I became a regular contributor to various publications.

Who can forget my massive spread in the Indy on Sunday? Or 271 blog posts – and counting (eh, who’s counting? – Ed), and I may not have told you about my one-page article in the British Liver Trust Bulletin for Winter 2010 – Transplant Special, but, em… I have a one-page article in the British Liver Trust Bulletin for Winter 2010 – Transplant Special.

And what links all three publications? Well, apart from the subject matter, they all include a photo of me – and it’s the same photo. Yes, it’s the one that adorns this blog, my Twitter account (@dkallin), my Facebook account, my website. And what else is significant about this picture? Apart from the fact that it was taken about 4 years ago – I am wearing this cream jacket.

I did used to wear it regularly for all my business meetings and network events etc – and y’know people used to comment that it was kinda representative of me and my business – in other words – the cream jacket was, to borrow the words of Stuart Baggs, my Brand.

Big fan of Stuart Baggs, I was. Baggs The Brand. Believe me, you may have seen the last of Stella or whoever else was in this years Apprentice, but you have not seen the last of Stuart Baggs The Brand.

And so my jacket was my brand. Now it is a photo of my jacket. Y’see, for those who have never met me, I am always and forever wearing that jacket.

What's Your Brand?

What is more a fixture rather than reality – is that smile! He must have been a damn good photographer (*) to have got that smile out of me – it has never been seen since!

But the point of this post is – be identifiable, be unique, be how you would like people to perceive you – BE YOUR BRAND.

(*) David from People Portraits if you must know

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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