Chopped Liver – Suspended Sentence

Sometimes the little-uns say the funniest things – hey there’s an idea for a TV program – but so it was today – I howled with laughter – you’ll probably be non-plussed.

People often sing along when they are doing chores. But when you have a taste in music as obscure as mine – that can lead to alarming results. I am sometimes known to recite the spoken-word intro to an obscure John Cooper Clarke track from 1977 – which I haven’t actually heard since 1978.

Does me boom look big inis?

JCC is a Manc poet who sets his poems to a rhythm often backed by musicians – or in some cases by musical machines – and in this particular case by a drum machine.

The spoken word intro to Suspended Sentence says “Raiyyt, we all staaart when the droom machine staaarts”. Well, how else do you write Manc?

So from to time I, for reasons unknown, am heard uttering this phrase. As it was today, as I was preparing lunch in the kitchen – and I had just finished whisking the eggs when I pronounced “Raiyyt”.

To which Weedy, from another room responded with “we all staaart when the droom machine staaarts”!

Believe me, I was convulsed with laughter. John Cooper Clarke would’ve been convulsed with laughter. John Peel, if he was still alive, and in my house (both rather unlikely) would’ve been convulsed with laughter. There may well be someone else in Manchester who may have chuckled – but apart from those three, I don’t know anyone who would’ve gleaned much from this exchange at all.

Still, it made me go on to YouTube and select the chosen track – just to hear those dulcet Manc tones informing us when “we all come in”.

It’s when the “droom machine staaarts”.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps

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