Chopped Liver – Rockin’ Robin

Admission time.

The first record I ever bought – well, to be honest I got two at the same time – but one of them is, in my opinion, pretty cool – the other decidedly not.

The cool one – Metal Guru by T.Rex.

The uncool one – Rockin’ Robin by Michael Jackson – back in the days when he was… well, he was black.

And the lyrics went something along the lines of “Tweedily tweedily tweet Tweedily Tweedily Tweet Tweedily tweedily tweet Tweedily Tweedily Tweet Tweedily tweedily tweet Tweedily Tweedily Tweet – Tweet Tweet, Tweet Tweet.

Which is my round-a-bout way of talking about Twitter today. Y’see I decided to perform a scientific experiment based on the power and effectiveness of Twitter over Facebook.

Under stringent laboratory conditions I played out my serious dilemma that needed an urgent and considered response. I tweeted the issue and pleaded for a response. I concurrently posted? Statused? I don’t know what they call it in Facebook. Y’see I am a Twitterer. Not a Facebooker. I Follow and am Followed. I don’t update my status or pee on my Wall or whatever it is F-worders do.

In fact I have a tag-line on Twitter that says “Facebook is where you lie to people you know. Twitter is where you’re honest to strangers.”

So, what exactly happened with my experiment? Well, within an hour – there were 21 comments on Facebook creating a thread of opinion and good humour – one of which was a comment from one friend called Hayley.

I said to B, “Did you see Hayley’s comment?” At which point, B jumped up from her seat and ran to the window pronouncing “What??? Hayley’s Comet? Where?”.

One of her better moments.

or is it tweeter on Facebook?

And what of Twitter?


Not a peep.

Not a tweet.

So, my scientifically controlled experiment has deduced that Quality is, indeed, still better than Quantity. Having hundreds of Twitter followers does not mean that I have hundreds of friends.

Or, maybe they are just a tad more discerning? Discuss.

By the way, I even lost a follower since my tweet.

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Rockin’ Robin”

  1. Mike Says:

    What’s Twitter? What’s Facebook? What’s an iPhone?

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