Chopped Liver – Tonight’s The Night

In the middle of Tuesday Night Bridge Night I get a reverb in my trouser pocket. Not that I like Bridge that much – just that I had left
my phone on mute from a lunchtime meeting. I could so easily have missed THE CALL.

But I didn’t. I and everyone else in the room heard it. And so I drove home – not a pleasant drive I can tell you. despite having had 11 months to prepare for this moment I didn’t have a clue what to do.

I got to the hospital a couple of hours ago and have had countless vials of blood taken, a CT scan and chest X-ray and am now waiting to see if anyone else will pop on with any more damn needles.

The next scheduled episode is to be woken up (as if) at about 5 or 6 where they will have assessed my results and the state of the donated liver.

Spare a thought for the family of poor man or woman who has lost a life to give someone else a chance. Carry a donor card peeps.

B has gone home now. I said bye-bye to my wee boy – they’ll be strong.

B will tell her parents once things are known first thing. Likewise with my mum (gulp).

I expect to be taken into theatre at about 7 and put myself in the hands of others.

I dont expect to be blogging for a while – B may have a go – bear with us.

I should try and get some sleep now.

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9 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Tonight’s The Night”

  1. Andrew Risner Says:

    Will be thinking of you and sending good wishes for a good result.



  2. Mike Says:

    Nearly cured then!! Hope all goes well.

  3. Sawbofeller Says:

    Best wishes and keep the faith – I’ll be thinking of you. Howard.

  4. Laurel Says:

    Thinking of you all. Let me know if I can do anything Jenny please. Hope to be playing bridge again with you soon x

  5. Fiona Says:


    Fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you and your family.

  6. hepababe Says:

    Been thinking about you since last night.Best wishes to you and yours.Elspeth.

  7. Ken Says:

    Brilliant news. Look forward to seeing you soon (I won’t forget the 20p)


  8. maria de witte Says:

    Thinking of you,the donor family and the medical team . Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope to see you soon in the liver transplant clinic.

  9. Steve (Sceptical Punter) Says:

    Good luck with it all. I have 20p with you name on it too…

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