Chopped Liver – No Alarms and No Biopsies

the power of positive thinking – thank you all.

I had a unit of blood drained away today as I had too much – risk of clotting – I had a chest X-ray today to check for fluid and stuff – that went fine.

And I’ve had @drobeirne come round to assess my results and how my rejection was taking shape – and the fact is – today has seen a marked improvement.

Through fine tweaking of the meds they have enabled my body to settle down along the process of living together in some sort of harmony.

This is good news.

Still a few things to overcome like getting my weight down and stable – but in the grand scheme of things – the best day yet.

So there is no desire to upset this state of play with a biopsy.

If I told you how exactly they perform biopsies here you will be pleased for me on that score – not painful – just pretty darn weird.

Now I wanna be able to walk properly – that’s the next step (!).

Dum di dum

Hey – hope your carrying your card?

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10 Comments on “Chopped Liver – No Alarms and No Biopsies”

  1. hepababe Says:

    I’m so pleased for you.You’re doing incredibly well.Keep taking the tablets!!!(Transplant recipient joke)Yes,thats you @dkallin .

  2. Fiona Says:

    Phew, glad the biopsy is off the schedule for now. I have one next Friday – aargh, ooh! Illogically, I carry a donor card as well as being a potential donor!
    Here’s hoping Monday is a step forward day.

  3. Mark W Says:

    Glad to hear that results are positive and things are settling down!It Will get better when you start moving around more you will be able to reduce your fluid retention.Continuing good positive thoughts for your recovery
    All the best

  4. Alan Jones Says:

    Hi Dave
    You have all of our Bestof wishes from Evesham! Fascinating and touching blog, keep getting better and sharing your humour and thoughts.


  5. Mike Says:

    Fancy a round of golf tomorrow?

  6. Paula Says:

    DK, did you say you wanted to ‘talk properly’ it wont take long to learn the Queen’s English for a man of you abilities!
    On a serious note wishing you continued recovery , you are one inspirational man.PBx

  7. Andrea Rappoport Says:

    I haven’t been reading your blogs for a while. Do I understand correctly that you have had a transplant. If so, this is such fantastic news. When and where and are you home or in hospital.
    All the best

  8. su sareen Says:

    Hi David,
    We’ve been following your events and it’s felt like an enormous drama from this remove – must feel a bit real from where you are! Just wanted to send you our love and wish you all the luck in the world over the next few weeks.

    And yes, the whole family are card carrying transplanters now!


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